Introducing the world’s first swallowable, non-operative device designed for permanent weight loss.

That’s right, we have invented the world’s first swallowable device designed to provide permanent, non-operative, weight loss assistance.

Sale of the IG Balloon is subject to regulatory approval in each region. The content presented is the current status of the IG Balloon prototype and our vision of the final device. As a contributor to our Indiegogo campaign, you are supporting the final device development, manufacturing and regulatory approvals necessary to bring the worlds first swallowable, non-operative, permanent weight loss device to the market.

Unique, world first, easy to use

No Operation

IG Balloon is swallowed in your doctor's office.

Lower Cost

Up to 90% less than surgery


Multiple balloons possible, to cater for each individual.

Quicker Recovery

No operation means you are back in action sooner.

Long Term Results

IG Balloon is designed to be permanent.


Easily removed through the mouth by endoscopy.

With obesity becoming one of the worlds most prevalent diseases, there is a need for a better, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment alternative.

Realising the need for long-lasting weight loss assistance, specialist weight loss surgeon, Dr. Tony Kierath and his son, Tom Kierath – an Engineer and Materials Chemist – teamed together to design the IG Balloon.

The IG Balloon is the world’s first swallowable medical device designed to provide permanent, non-operative weight loss assistance. Currently, obesity can only be treated with expensive and risky surgery or other stomach balloons that have only been made for short term use (6-12 months).

IG Balloon occupies space within your stomach helping you lose weight by making you feel full sooner and stay full for longer. Unlike other stomach balloons on the market IG Balloon is designed for permanent implantation to provide long lasting weight loss assistance.

The IG Balloon is made up of a soft, flexible inert foam filling to prevent deflation once in the stomach. The outer membrane is highly acid resistant ensuring the devices longevity against your stomach acids.

A working prototype of the IG Balloon has been developed, and the final hurdle is to manufacture the product and obtain the necessary regulatory approval. We are now raising funds on Indiegogo to bring this revolutionary product to market.

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How the IG Balloon works

Once you have purchased the IG Balloon, it will be sent to your GP who will take you through the process of swallowing the device.

Initial Consultation

During your initial visit with your doctor, details of the IG Balloon will be explained and you will practice the swallowing technique with water-soluble practice devices.

Follow Up Consultation

During your follow up appointment your doctor will mix the liquids contained in the IG Balloon and assist you while swallowing.

Device Activation & Weight Loss

Once you have swallowed, the IG Balloon warms in your stomach and expands, filling with foam preventing it from deflating.

Combined with a healthy diet, the IG Balloon helps you lose weight by making you feel full sooner and stay full for longer.

Tailored to You

Because everybody’s different, the IG Balloon is designed to be flexible – multiple balloons are possible, and the number required can vary by patient. The price of your initial treatment will include up to 3 balloons.

The Team

Dr. Tony Kierath and his son, Tom, knew the world needed a simple, safe and permanent solution for the obesity epidemic. For the past seven years, they have been working together to refine the device concept, materials, and delivery method. Now, with your help, the team is looking to bring the IG Balloon to life.

Tony Kierath

Dr. Tony Kierath

Surgeon & Co-Inventor

Tony is a specialist weight loss surgeon with more than 25 years experience. In the early 1990’s, noting the world was becoming increasingly obese, Tony felt that with surgery this growth could be halted. Over 4,000 weight loss procedures later, it is now obvious that surgery has not stemmed the increasing rates of obesity worldwide. Realising the obesity epidemic must be solved in the General Practitioner/Family Doctor office as opposed to operating theatres, led to the development of the IG Balloon. Tony has provided the medical knowledge and advice critical to the development of the IG Balloon.

Tom Kierath

Engineer, Chemist & Co-Inventor

Tom is an engineer with a passion for finding simple solutions to complex problems. He has worked across a wide variety of industries but has always maintained an active interest in biomedical engineering. While discussing the growing problem of excess weight with Tony, they realised together they could develop a permanent non-surgical solution by utilising materials Tom had been working with on a separate project. Tom has been the technical lead on the device development and has created the novel foaming system critical to the function of the IG Balloon.

Joe Kierath

Marketing & Corporate Communications

Joe is a talented marketing and corporate communications specialist who has worked in the marketing sphere across many industries. Joe is responsible for the success of the overall IG Balloon marketing strategy and Indiegogo campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

The IG Balloon is the world’s first swallowable, non-operative device for permanent weight loss. Our extensive FAQs are here to answer any questions you might have about the IG Balloon. Can’t find the answer you are looking for?

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Can I be part of the clinical trial?

Although we will notify all of our Indiegogo backers of trials occurring in their region, there will be a relatively small number of people selected for the trials so the majority of people will miss out on being part of the trials. If you are interested in the IG Balloon, we suggest supporting the development through one of the discount voucher perks to secure your early supporter discount.

How is the IG Balloon is permanent when all other stomach balloons are temporary?

The difference between the IG Balloon and all other stomach balloons is the IG Balloon’s foam filling. All other stomach balloons must be removed after 6-12 months as their gas or liquid filling rapidly leaks out in the event of a puncture. This means the gas or liquid is passed into the intestine and could potentially cause a serious obstruction. However, in the event of a puncture, the flexible silicone foam of the IG Balloon prevents it from deflating.

Can the IG Balloon be removed?

The IG Balloon has been designed to reside within the stomach indefinitely. However, if necessary, it is possible to remove the IG Balloon via the mouth with a simple endoscopic procedure.

Will the IG Balloon pass into my intestine and cause an obstruction?

The IG Balloon has been designed to be too large to pass out of the stomach once inflated. Although small when swallowed the IG Balloon expands from its original size as the flexible foam filling expands and cures.

I've had previous weight loss surgery, is IG Balloon suitable for me?

This will depend on the type of gastric surgery you have had. The IG Balloon will not be suitable for anyone that has had surgery that has affected the outlet of the stomach (gastric bypass). Patients who have had other forms of weight loss surgery may in future be candidates for the IG Balloon, however they will likely require additional investigations prior to placement.

Why are you crowdfunding IG Balloon?

We have decided to crowdfund the IG Balloon as it allows those who can benefit from the device to contribute directly to its development. Crowdfunding is a wonderful tool that ensures the motivations of the developers of the product are aligned with those funding its development.

How does the IG Balloon work?

Stomach balloons work by occupying space within your stomach, making you feel full sooner and stay full for longer. This effect has been well documented and the effect proven by balloons currently available on the market that have a 6-12 month implantation time, however once removed patients typically regain weight. The IG Balloon is different as the foam filling should allow for indefinite implantation time, prolonging the weight loss effect.

How is the IG Balloon different from other stomach balloons?

The IG Balloon is different from existing stomach balloons which are limited to 6-12 month implantation as the IG Balloon’s foam filling should allow for indefinite implantation time, prolonging the weight loss effect.

Why is this better than surgery?

Surgery comes with many issues, the risk of serious complication is as high as 1 in 6 patients. The cost can be in excess of $15,000 for those uninsured and the recovery time is lengthy. Unlike surgical options, IG Balloon requires no operation and is delivered in a doctors office, significantly reducing the risk, cost, and inconvenience to the patient.

What are the potential side effects of the balloon?

The full side effect profile will be determined through the trial phase however we expect the potential side effects to be far less significant than surgical or pharmaceutical weight loss options.

Will stomach acid destroy the balloon?

No, the IG Balloon has been designed with safe, inert polymers. The outer membrane is designed to be highly acid resistant to prevent any damage from stomach acid.

Can the IG Balloon inflate before it reaches the stomach?

Premature inflation is one of the key risks with the IG Balloon, to mitigate this risk we have developed water soluble mock devices which patients will use to practice the swallowing technique and ensure the balloon can pass into the stomach. Additionally the IG Balloon will be lubricated prior to swallowing to prevent it getting stuck. Lastly the designed inflation time is around 5 min which is much longer than the transit time from the mouth to the stomach.

Can I fly with this device? How soon after placement can I fly?

At this stage we expect that air travel will be advised against for at least 7 days post placement of the IG Balloon. After this period of time we expect there will be no restrictions on flying.

Are there any activities I can't do after having the IG Balloon?

At this stage the only activity we foresee that would be excluded for IG Balloon patients would be under water diving. The significantly increased pressure experienced underwater will compress the device potentially allowing it to pass into the intestine, upon surfacing the balloon will expand back to its original size potentially causing an obstruction.

What happens if the balloon bursts?

The inflated volume of the IG Balloon is precisely controlled by the volume of the initial liquid filling. This prevents the balloon from over inflating. If the balloon is punctured whilst in the stomach the internal foam filling prevents the balloon from deflating so the balloon remains too large to pass into the intestines.

Is the IG Balloon TGA/FDA approved?

No, not yet. We expect to be in a position to submit our initial regulatory application during 2018. The time required to obtain regulatory approval in each region will vary based upon the regional requirements and regulatory processes. Our goal will be to bring the IG Balloon to as many of our supporters as rapidly as possible and the targeting of various regulatory jurisdictions will be guided by the demographics of our supporter base.

As a contributor to our Indiegogo campaign, you are supporting the final device development, manufacturing and regulatory approvals necessary to bring the world’s first swallowable, non-operative, permanent weight loss device to the market.

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